Nature Works

Nature Works is a six volume series of poetry and art books circling around the love of nature with wisdoms, poems and mantras including aquarelles by the artist Gabrielle von Bernstorff-Nahat

The Rock – Water – Air – Trees – For the Love of Dolphins – My wandering Sun Moon and Stars

The art books

An hommage to Nature

Nature is our witness. She thinks and feels, she sees, hears and communicates with us. Nature has been here longer than we humans have. Without nature we are not. The beauty and wisdom of nature is the subject of this beautiful series. The books are a celebration of her grace, wisdom and perseverance. They are also a gentle plea for a more loving interaction with nature and the cosmos. May it not be too late.

About the books

Wisdoms on nature from Jacques Cousteau to Henry Thoreau, from Nelson Mandela and Ghandi to Kahlil Gibran and other nature lovers and seers are included in these beautiful volumes. The wisdoms, mantras and reminders are accompanied by aquarelles by Gabrielle von Bernstorff-Nahat.

The colors are vibrant, pensive, gentle wild and leave room for contemplation. This is a meditative series in times of turbulence and upheaval. A welcome pause for reflections on how tied we are to nature and the cosmos.

The books are in English and German

About the artwork

Gabrielle von Bernstorff-Nahat is a poet, painter and architect. She lives in the beautiful region of lake Constanz in Switzerland. It is the beauty and grace of the nature surrounding which inspired her for these wonderful art books and the series of Nature Works.

The aquarelles are each on unique, they are meditations on nature with empathy and movements towards embracing its wonders. They are emotive aquarelles, conveying feelings, warmth, joy and tenderness towards nature, animals and the cosmos.

About the artist and poet

Gabrielle von Bernstorff-Nahat is a poet, painter and architect. Her work is usually contemplative, she enjoys creating moments of reflections for others in this all to fast paced world.

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